For agents and authors

Bazar Publishers was established in Norway, Sweden and Finland in 2002 and in Denmark in 2003. The fact that it is an exciting and multifarious publishing house was the reason why we chose to name it Bazar.

Our aim is to publish literature of high quality from all over the world.

The world famous author Paulo Coelho is one of Bazar’s strongest brand. Through our parent company Forlagshuset Bazar we have produced a gift range with Paulo Coelho for the international market, so far in more than one million copies in fourteen languages, which you may read more about here:

Our publishing house has several bestselling authors: Dan Brown, Ildefonso Falcones, Bernard Cornwell, Tatiana de Rosnay, Paolo Giordano, Cecilia Samartin, and Cecelia Ahern, to mention some of the most important.

In 2009 Bazar Publishers was elected the second most profitable publisher house in Norway.